For over 100 hundred years, the Hingham Historical Society has worked diligently to fulfill its mission of collecting, preserving, and exhibiting artifacts relevant to Hingham’s long and rich history.  Its archives are located on  the 3rd Floor of Old Derby Academy, the historic building in Hingham Square that serves as the Society’s headquarters and will soon house the Hingham Heritage Museum.  

The archives encompass legal, commercial, civic, and personal documents spanning Hingham’s close to 400 year history and a large and growing collection of photographs documenting Hingham’s growth from the mid-19th century to this day.  Plans for the Hingham Heritage Museum include the expansion of research and storage facilities in the Society’s archives. 

This blog aims to raise the profile of the Society’s archives by highlighting the documentary and photographic treasures  being safeguarded, for future generations and–as important–for us.   

3 thoughts on “About

  1. My mothers family the lorings have been there since 1635 and I grew up there too

  2. Richard J. Callahan says:

    Is there an initiative to digitize the historical pictures of Hingham and make them available to the public online?

  3. pbagger says:

    Yes! We hope that you will take a look at our photo albums on Flickr.

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